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Is CBD a proven cure for cancer?

No. There are many myths surrounding CBD as a panacea. Firstly, it is important that a distinction is made between CBD as a medicine and CBD that is offered for sale as a food supplement or topical care product (not for ingestion). The CBD that you can buy in a physical store or webshop is not a medicine.

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It is true that CBD and THC (both substances from the Cannabis Sativa Linnaeus plant) are in some cases used medicinally in the treatment of cancer, but not as a medicine to fight against the cancer itself, but as an agent that can inhibit inflammation and reduce the negative side effects of the original treatment (read: CBD in cancer therapy ). It is also true that CBD as a potential cancer drug has been the subject of research for many years because of its anti-inflammatory properties (Source: CBD and liver cancer treatment CBD as anti cancer drug). Because of these properties, CBD is also being investigated as a potential preventive agent against neurodegenerative diseases (including Parkinson's and Alzheimer's) and has been proven effective in the therapeutic treatment of certain forms of epilepsy (Read here and here about research on therapeutic treatment regarding epilepsie).

Medicinal CBD is not commercially available and is specifically applied by medical specialists, accompanied by patient guidance and monitoring.

CBD in medicine usually has a different concentration and composition than the CBD products that are available in stores. Depending on the specific complaint and severity, it can also be dosed much higher.

Self-medication with commercially available CBD as an alternative to professional therapeutic treatment for a serious illness is therefore a very dangerous course of action. The use of commercially available CBD products while you are undergoing medical treatment should also be in close consultation with your practitioner. CBD has strong properties that can have a negative effect on how certain drugs work. Badly informed use of CBD possibly hinders specific treatments.

If you are not undergoing medical treatment for physical issues, CBD oil can be safely used without consulting your doctor. We advise to read about your intended purpose for use and experiences of other users with high quality/high concentration CBD oil. There are no harmful side effects when properly dosed. Obviously, an adequate dose is also important in order to notice any effect. A high concentration may be more expensive to purchase, but a lot more efficient to use. The most sold concentrations are relatively low. This means that a much higher dose is required to reach a comparable level as with a high concentration, and is therefore perhaps cheaper to purchase, but often many times more expensive to use than our Limbo Lat Vertical 15% CBD oil.

The CBD oil, sold in our store in Groningen but also in our webshop, is a dietary supplement of the highest possible concentration that can be achieved with minimal negative influence on the balance between its natural components. Please feel welcome to visit us in Groningen to get informed about our CBD oil.