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Why does CBD oil cost so much?

Because the popularity of CBD products is increasing, the prices can be kept high. This is independent of the actual production costs, which have fallen considerably in recent years. However, when an unknown variant costs less than the well-known brands, this is often seen as suspicious.

This dilemma makes it very difficult for those who want to apply CBD to achieve specific goals or generally experience whether CBD has a positive influence. The high prices of popular commercial CBD oil ensure that the higher concentrations (more than 10% CBD) are not accessible to those with limited financial resources. The result is often that low concentrations are bought (2% CBD to 5% CBD) which are then often dosed very sparingly.

Naturally, the effect of CBD oil is highly dependent on the dosage.

For some users, 150 mg per day (the maximum recommended amount according to the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority) is a minimum to notice a beneficial effect. Others, can achieve beneficial results with a much lower dose. But rarely does the average applied dose of a low concentration have the effect that is desired.

3 drops of a 5% CBD oil contains just under 8 mg of CBD.

To dose 150mg CBD from an oil with 5% CBD concentration, about 65 drops have to be taken. That is just under 1/3 of a 10ml bottle of CBD oil.

At this rate, a relatively cheap bottle of CBD oil becomes very expensive very quickly.

This is exactly why we started our own line of certified class A CBD oil.

Our production costs are not lower than those of other suppliers. In fact, our costs are comparable or higher (due to small batches) as those of the most popular brands. We know this because we work with the same manufacturer as many of these brands. And our 3rd party analysis reports are of the same standard as the highest priced oils out there.

The difference is that our profit margins are not based on the prices consumers are willing to pay for CBD, but on what we need to pay all costs for the product + expansion of our CBD oil line. When we add a profit margin that enables us to remain a healthy store, we still arrive at a price that is fair to the end user, and a lot lower than most popular commercial brands. This price will decrease further when we are able to increase our batch sizes in the future.

You can see the current pricing of our 10ml 15% Limbo Lat Vertical CBD oil here.

For those who regularly make costs for CBD oil, we offer a volume discount of 10%, 15% and 25% for 2, 4 or 8 bottles.

The more we sell of our Limbo Lat Vertical CBD oil, the further we can lower our sales price. You can help us with this by sharing this page with friends or acquaintances who may benefit from fairly priced high concentration CBD oil.