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At our vape shop in Groningen, we collect used e-liquid bottles and coils/atomizers/pods. In addition, you can bring your old e-cigarettes, tanks/clearomizers, batteries and mods to us.

We accept all used refill bottles and hardware parts regardless of where they are purchased.

Electronic smoking is a growth market. The sooner there is a vision on harm reduction for our environment, the better. There is not yet any policy from the local authorities on the waste that comes from e-smoking. We want to make a start by centralized collection. The intention is that this will lead to structured recycling or responsible disposal in collaboration with the municipality.

E-liquid bottles that contained nicotine have residues that are classified as small chemical waste. The bottles must be completely cleaned before they can be further processed for recycling or responsible disposal. E-cigarettes with internal batteries should be offered to the local waste disposal locations as electronics. External batteries can be be collected and their raw materials can be recycled.

There's a lot of room for smarter policy than just throwing our vape waste in the bin we reckon.

Please take your vape waste to our shop in the Oude Ebbingestraat 75 in Groningen. Feel free to use our mailbox outside opening hours.