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Limbo Liquids started in 2019 as a Specialty Vape Store to help strugling smokers quit tobacco. But it didn't stop there...

We started this specialty store because we felt that the vibe, methods and the lack of scientific knowledge at other stores that offered e-cigarettes fell short of the product's potential. There was a lot of room for improvement.

Because we are nerds, it didn't stop there. Since then we've experimented a lot with different products and creations. From fermenting our own ginger beers to growing oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds. Our neighbors from Huiskamer Cafe Lui in turn used our mushrooms for their vegan vegetable pies. Super cool :-)

Not everything was successful. We thought we had the rules for our fermented ginger beverages figured out, but apparently, we didn’t. After a visit from two armed customs officials and a slightly dusty clerk explaining the necessity for a seemingly immensly complex process to administrate the making of this drink (combine water, ginger, sugar), we decided that the bureaucracy would demand too much of our rational tollerance (for now....)

We prefer to be entrepreneurs than shopkeepers, which made us engage in our first major expansion right after the last lockdown. We were not allowed to sell ginger beers, but customs has nothing on freshly made fruit drinks! Since July 2021 we have been selling special superfood smoothies with ingredients such as fresh turmeric, hemp seed, fresh and fermented ginger, fruits and nuts. Our Bart also started experimenting with making soap, and because the raw materials of e-liquids, food aromas, soaps and ointments do not differ that much, we started to stock up on a range for the 'do it yourself' enthusiasts. More on this later.

The most recent addition is our own CBD oil 'Limbo Lat Vertical'. After some thorough research we realized that the often mysterious CBD oils, ointments, stress relieving shoe polish or decease curing windshield wiper fluids are hugely overpriced and most often have very little effective content. Do it right or don't do it at al we thought, so we researched the optimum CBD blend and purity and contracted an established CBD producer that delivers to common brands that sell in main street shopping chains. Turns out that not having stockholders, lawyers and managers to satisfy can make quite a difference on selling price. We came to the conclusion that doing it right really doesn't have to be so ridiculously expensive...

So here we are now; tinctures, raw materials and superfood smoothies for conscious consumers who prefer to make independent informed decisions (and maybe aren’t afraid of some controversy).


Thanks for reading

Hope to see you in Limbo

Kindest regards,

Bart and Floris