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No time for breakfast, lunch or dinner? No worries, our superfood smoothies are stuffed with everything you need to easily get through most of the day feeling well fed. The herbs, spices, vitamins, minerals, protein and additional boosters can seriously help to strengthen your body and recover from physical challenges.

Check our Superfood Smoothie menu and choose your weapon!



  • Banana, ginger, turmeric, mint leaf, cinnamon, cashews, hemp seed, dates or honey €4,99

GINGER NUTS  (Nutty & Spicy)  

  • Ginger, lime, turmeric, mint leaf, roasted cashews, hemp seed, dates or honey €4,99

BEETLEJUICE  (Sweet & Sour)  

  • Beetroot, kiwi, lime, ginger, tamarinde, mint leaf, cinnamon, hemp seed, dates or honey €4,99

SHELLBACK MALIBU  (Rich & Tropical) 

  • Pineapple, coconut, ginger, turmeric, mint leaf, cashews, dates or honey €4,99


Current Special Menu Item:


  • 400+ ml of fresh made ice cream of peanuts, dates and a thick honey swirl. Topped with cinnamon, sesame seeds and honey. €6,50

Vegan option is made with maple syrup instead of honey, do dairy is used in any of our foods & drinks.


Turbo Boost Your Beverage Or Ice-cream With:

FULL SPECTRUM CBD* (Enemy of big pharma & No, it doesn’t make you high....unfortunately) 

  • 5 drops of oil with 15% CBD concentrate €1,-

*Contains: MCT coconut oil (Caprylic / Capric Triglycerides), Extract of hempleaf (Cannabis Sativa L.)

Beware:  Not for minors and advised not to use while pregnant / breastfeeding or when using medication (check with your GP).

VEGAN PROTEINE  (For maintanance, repair & growth of muscle mass)

  • Max out the proteine content with a scoop of our vegan proteine powder €1,-

VEGAN VITAMINES  (If you don't eat super healthy, you might need some extra of these...)

  • Recommended daily dose liquid multivitamin blend €1,-

VEGAN MINERALS (Help your memory, skin, nails, eye-sight, bones & your internal defense system...)

  • Recommended daily dose of liquid Zinc €1,-


FRESH CASHEW MILK  (A vegan slightly sweet & creamy alternative to milk) 

  • Roasted cashews & dates (with or without anise) €3,50

Forget rice, oat, almond or whatever other atempt at milky goodness. This is the only answer...

CACAPUCICINO(Creamy, nutty & a bit sweet)

  • Organic filter coffee mixed with a fresh home-made cashew milk and extra dates. Served Cazzo Di Freddo (Cold) or Cazzo Di Inferno (Hot). €4,25


  • Human size€1,75
  • Starbucks size€2,75

We serve organic filter coffee that is brewn in our basement and poured from a thermos... Looks cheap, tastes expensive, but is actually quite reasonably priced.


Do ask for our selection of carbonated soft drinks. We change them up, try new ones & sometimes make our own.


Just so you know:

- Our ingredients are mainly organic. (Nuts, seeds, dates and honey always, the rest is subject to availability on the market).

- We don't use frozen products except for ice-cubes).

- Our smoothies and coffee specials are vegan (unless honey is chosen as a sweetener). We don't use dairy products.

- With our boosters we dose the average daily advised amount.