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Limited battery life can have a number of reasons.

First of all, the type of e-cigarette, the battery capacity and its use of course matters a lot.

For reference:

An e-cigarette with an internal battery of about 500 to 900 mAh, a coil resistance of ↑ 1Ω (above 1 Ohm), of which about 5 puffs is taken every hour, should last about a day .

If yours has similar specs but runs out in an hour or two since you bought it, there is probably nothing wrong with the battery, it might simply just not be suited for your vaping habits. You may be taking many puffs in a row or inhaling for a few seconds each time.

In this case, an e-cigarette with a higher capacity battery or an extra mod (bottom of the e-cigarette with battery) of the same type of e-cigarette is recommended. Often the bottom of the e-cigarette is exchangeable, so only the mod can be purchased and the tank (reservoir with coil) exchanged.

If you have an e-cigarette with a battery that can be removed from the mod (usually an 18650 battery), you can choose to carry an extra battery with you. However, these batteries are very powerful and must be carefully protected when transported.

To optimize the charging time and life time of external batteries, we recommend using an external battery charger. Look here for external batteries, battery chargers and battery protection.

Does the battery capacity of your e-cigarette suddenly decrease?

E-cigarette batteries decrease in capacity after about 300 times of charging. Have you been using the e-cigarette for a year or longer? Then it may be time to buy a new one.

Another reason for suddenly decreased capacity could be a damaged battery. Using an adapter that is too powerful can cause the battery to overheat. As a result, the battery capacity can decrease significantly in a short time.

The maximum load capacity is stated on our site for each type of e-cigarette in the specifications. Not sure? Then use a weak USB adapter. Most USB adapters that come with mobile phones are fast chargers (above 1 amp). These are too powerful for many e-cigarettes.

We offer a USB adapter that is safe to use and optimizes the life of your e-cigarette.

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