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1. Maybe the coil is done

The lifespan of coils varies, but for many it is about two weeks. If it works a full week it's considered ok. When the coil is too dry (low juice level) it can burn. The taste decreases in clarity when burnt and can become very unpleasant. Bad taste after a week or two weeks? Burnt the coil dry? Time to replace the coil with a fresh one. If the reservoir still smells unpleasant after removing the old coil, it is advisable to empty it from liquid and clean it thoroughly before placing the new coil. The aroma of burnt cotton can be very stubborn. Hot water, cotton swab, clean well and then dry thoroughly.

2. Have you allowed the new coil to be properly absorbed with e-liquid?

When you use a new coil, the cotton must first absorb the liquid well before the coil is heated. If not, the dry cotton will scorch and taste bad (this is called a dry hit). How long the liquid has to be absorbed depends on the type of e-cigarette. Ask us, or simply wait 15 minutes when you have put a new coil in your tank and filled the tank with liquid. After a dry hit, the coil can sometimes still be used, but if the burnt flavor persists, it is unfortunately time to replace the coil.

3. Have you looked at the PG to VG ratio? Or the type and amount of nicotine?

- Too much PG can give an unpleasant taste. Does the e-liquid you are currently using have more PG than your previous one? Then this could be the reason for the off taste. The PG to VG ratio is always indicated on the bottle (eg 70/30 - pg/vg).

- The two available nicotine types (free base and nic salt) have different flavors. Are you used to nic salt and are you now using about the same dose but in free base? Then you will taste the nicotine a lot more clearly. Go down two steps to get close to the same flavor. In terms of taste, 10 mg nic salt is approximately equal to 3 mg free base. 20 mg nic salt is about equal in taste to 6 mg free base.

Mind that the effect of 3 mg free base is different than that of 10 mg nic salt. If you find yourself vaping a lot more this way, consider increasing the mg's in freebase and learn to accept the flavor, or go back to nic salt. Call us for advice if you have particular questions about this. We are experienced and are here to help out.

4. Burnt taste due to damaged hardware

- Many e-cigarettes can be damaged by using an adapter that is too powerful. This causes the battery to overheat and that can damage the wiring and / or chip. This can cause the output to the coil to be no longer properly regulated. The coil can burn or be heated very unstably. No good for flavor experience.

Use a laptop or weak adapter (0.5 Ampere for the longest life of the hardware), or drop by for advice.

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