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A leaking vape can have a number of causes.

First check the following:

1. Is your coil worn out? If the coil has been used regularly for 5 or more days, it may well no longer function properly. Some e-cigarette users can use a coil for about two weeks, but if it no longer tastes good and/or starts to leak after about a week, it probably just needs to be replaced. If the cotton in the coil is burned by, for example, inhaling a lot in succession, not topping up in time or because a too thick e-liquid has been used, it is usually time to replace the coil (unless it still has a good taste and does not leak). Because the coil has an open connection and thus dirt/dust collects from the pocket or handbag, it is recommended to replace the coil at the very least every month, even if it is not used every day.

A worn coil is the most common reason for a leaking e-cigarette.

2. Is your coil properly tightened? The coil can become a bit loose by movement, heating up and cooling down. Check whether it can be easily tightened by hand. It doesn't have to be super super tight.

3. Is there a crack or chip in the glass of the tank? If the e-smoker is dropped, the glass can be damaged. This is sometimes difficult to see. Most glasses can be easily replaced. Call or come by to have your glass replaced. We have a stock of frequently used models and can order almost all glasses. A new glass does not cost more than 3 euros (incl. service).

4. Drops remain in the mouthpiece/getting drops in your mouth? If not all vaporized liquid is inhaled, it remains in the cylinder (coil and mouthpiece) and this e-liquid drips from the airflow or from the mouthpiece. The solution is to inhale harder or if the e-cigarette has a fire button, hold the button down for less time and inhale a little longer. Once the excess liquid has been inhaled (first couple of strong drags will get liquid in your mouth. This won't kill you, but just tastes pretty bad. Get some tissues before you do this...) or removed with eg a cotton swab, the coil will probably not sputter or leak. If the wattage/voltage or temperature can be adjusted, it is important that your setting matches the capacity of the coil. Most coils have the best range (15-25 watts, for example) marked on the packaging and on the coils themselves. If the setting is incorrect, the coil will not function optimally and may leak. Inhaling too gently with a powerful device is also a common cause for leaking and e-liquid drops entering the mouth.

Doesn't this solve the problem or are you not sure how to set up your e-cigarette? Feel free to come by. We are happy to help and our service is always free.