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The fastest way to find the right coil or pod is to enter the brand and/or model of your e-cigarette in the search bar. With all vapes that we offer we list the coils / pods that are compatible, and with all coils / pods we sell we also list their compatible vape systems.

Limbo also supplies many coils and pods of e-cigarettes that we do not sell, are less popular or are no longer commercially available.

Models and brands

Whether you have a Vape Pen, Pod, A.I.O. or Sub-ohm system, the brand and model should always be somewhere on the e-cigarette. For e-cigarettes with a tank that can be unscrewed, the brand and model is usually on the bottom of the tank. The rechargeable part with the buttons often has a different name than the top part (reservoir with coil). In that case use the data from the tank. Can't find anything? Then there is a chance that it is an unreliable device and we advise you not to use the e-cigarette without an expert check on safety. There are many cheap and unsafe e-cigarettes sold on Ali and Wish that are brand-less. You can always call to check it with us.


If you have found the right coils / pods based on the brand and model of e-cigarette, there is usually a choice in different resistances. Resistance is measured in Ohmage (Ohm Ω). The lower the resistance, the more wattage the coil / pod needs to work optimally and the hotter the coil / pod can get. Hotter means faster evaporation. Simply put: The lower the resistance, the more vapor.


With almost all coils that are intended for adjustable e-cigarettes, the range is stated in wattage. If you use the coil with other wattages than recommended, it can quickly burn, leak or simply not work satisfactory.

Pods (a tank with an integrated, non-exchangeable coil) are usually for e-cigarettes that have a fixed wattage, such as the Uwell Caliburn, Smok Novo, Vaporesso Zero.

There are systems called Pod where the coil is interchangeable. These are really A.I.O. (All In One) e-cigarettes. These vape systems often have a detachable tank that is not interchangeable with other brands. A modern A.I.O. e-cigarette is usually adjustable in terms of wattage and has a limiter for the maximum wattage that the chosen coil can handle.

See e.g. the Argus Air, Drag S, Drag X, Vinci Mod Pod or the Vinci X from Voopoo.

Selecting a coil

If you click on the dropdown menu you will see the variants and if you click on a variant you will see the current stock in green at the top right.

Out of Stock? Don't worry, we already know. We will re-stock very soon. If you leave your mailadres in the green box that appears you will get notified immediately when it is available again. (usually within 1 or two days.)

We don't have the coils you are looking for?

Let us know!

We can order most coils that are not in our standard range. May take a day or two, but we are happy to do it for you, and at no extra cost.


Are you not helped with this explanation? Call us on 050-2800116 or email [email protected]

Here is a list with compatible coils. If you find the coil you use your tank fits all the coils in the same column. All thanks to Reddit. 

Falcon CoilsMedium CoilsSmall CoilsLarge CoilsMassive CoilsClassic CoilsAll In One CoilsMTL Coils
Ehpro RaptorAdvken dark meshAdvken Mesh Coil LineEleaf ERL RBACigPet Eco 12Amigo Donner 22Aspire Nautilus XAspire Nautilus
 CKS BOLTArtery AT22Eleaf ERLQSmoant NabooAmigo Riptide Top FillAspire pockXAspire Nautilus 2
 Fire Luke 2CoilART MageEleaf ESSMOK TFV12 (King)Amigo Riptide V1 Aspire Nautilus AIO
 Freemax Fireluke MeshE-XY T1Eleaf Melo 300 CoilsVapefly Fantasy F2+F12Anyvape Fury Tank Aspire Nautilus mini
 Freemax TwisterEleaf HW (including HW-N & HW-M)Geekvape i1+i4 Anyvape SegaTank Kabuki Tank
 Vapeston AvatarFamovape Fat Baby MeshHorizontech Arco A6 & T8 Aspire Atlantis Plato Tank
 VooPoo U-ForceGeekvape Aero MeshHorizontech Arctic V12 Aspire Triton Triton mini
  Geekvape CerberusHorizontech DUOS Atmos Sub-Vers  
  Geekvape iM4OBS V OCC Atmos Sub-Vers Mini  
  Geekvape Super MeshRIG Tanker Atmos Sub-Vers TF  
  Hellvape Fat Rabbit HELLCOILSense Blazer 200 Beyond Vape Silo Beast  
  Hellvape HellbeastSMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast CoilART Online Tank  
  iJoy XS  Coiltech Atank  
  iJust 3  Digiflavor Bucho  
  Jomo Tech Smartvape TC80  DotMod Petri SubOhm Tank  
  Joyetech ProCore Aries  EHPRO & Eciggity Morph Tank  
  Joyetech ProCore C1-S MTL  Eleaf ECL  
  Karnoo T1  Eleaf ECML  
  OBS Damo  Freemax Scylla  
  OBS M Series  Freemax Starre  
  Sigelei SLYDR SM  Freemax Starre Pro  
  SMOK TFV12 Baby Prince  Geek Vape iM1  
  SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast  Gigue Aeolus Mini  
  Squid Ind Peacemaker  Gigue Aeolus Tank  
  Teslacigs H8  Heatvape EcoTank  
  Vapefly Fantasy Mini M8  Kronos X2O  
  Vaporesso Cascade  Ovancl Espole  
  Vaporesso GT Core  Playboy Vixen  
  Vaporesso NRG  Science of Vaping Eclipse  
  Vaporesso Skrr QF  Sense Tech Herakles  
  Vaportech M4/8  Sigelei X-Tank  
  Vaptio Frogman  Smokme Subverter Mini  
  WOTOFO Flow  Steam Tribe Mini Sub Ohm Tank  
     Sunone Sking Square  
     Tobeco Super Tank  
     Vape Forward VF ATTY  
     Vapefly Fantasy Mini M2  
     Vapeston Ceramikas  
     Vapeston Maganus  
     Vapor DNA Project Sub-Ohm Saucecode  
     Vapor-Tek Morpheus  
     Vapor-Tek Morpheus V2  
     Vaporesso cCell  
     VGOD Tricktank