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Upcoming changes that might be relevant to you:

We are expanding. As a result, the website will be redesigned in the coming months. Don't worry, we remain a specialized vape store for our growing customer base, but now also offer special smoothies and in the near future will also offer CBD oil, aromas, scents, raw materials and tinctures for the do it yourself enthusiasts.

About our CBD oil:

First of all, to avoid confusion: Non medical subscribed CBD Oil is a food supplement and contains no psychoactive amount of THC. In other words CBD oil approved for the Dutch market will (unfortunately) not get you high.

There is an increasing recognition for the health benefits of CBD, and with that a growing public interest in oral consumption and DIY making of self-care products incorporating CBD oil.

For CBD to have an effect, adequate dosage is essential. However, the often high price for relatively low concentrations of CBD makes an effective dose of CBD oil inaccessible for those who do not have al lot of money.

A 15% CBD concentration with minimal processing proves to be optimal because of the maximum entourage effect.

Our producer supplies CBD oil with exactly the same specifications as our private brand 'Limbo Lat. Vertical' to several commercial concerns that release this CBD oil under various renowned brand names. However, we are a small company without shareholders, offices, managers and lawyers and can therefore offer the same product for an accessible price. For customers who regularly use CBD oil, we will offer mail order subscriptions at an even further reduced rate.

If you are interested for yourself, or know people who regularly use CBD or want to try CBD, please do not hesitate to contact us. Detailed information will soon be available on our website, but feel free to call or email if you want to know more. It is already possible to reserve one or more bottles of our first batch of 10ml high quality 15% CBD oil for € 34.99.

Click the green button on our CBD page. We expect to be able to deliver in July 2021.

CBD oil can also be added as an immune system support booster in our freshly made drinks   for € 1,-.

Thanks for reading :-)

Kindest regards, Bart and Floris from Limbo