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At Limbo we select or produce our products based on research results, experiences and daily reality. These three elements sometimes indicate facts that are difficult to accept socially. Fortunately, we are not afraid of controversy. After all, you might have noticed things often turn out to be different than they appear.
We understand that we risk rebelling against popular assumptions and the established order :-), but we nevertheless believe that when complete information is made available with integrity, adults can be considered capable of making responsible and informed decisions about their own lives.

Our offer currently includes:
- Harm reducing tobacco alternatives (e-liquid and associated equipment)
- Raw materials for safely making harm reducing tobacco alternatives at home
- High concentration of CBD oil for a price that allows adequate dosing
- Raw materials for making CBD products at home (CBD absorption can be done through skin and mouth)
- Smoothies with fermented ginger, fresh turmeric, fruits, nuts (Vegan / Without added sugars)
- Homemade Vegan ice cream

Both in our brick and mortar e-cigarette specialist store in Groningen and in our vape webshop you can find starter kits, advanced vape systems and an extensive range of e-liquids, parts and bits. Smokers who are considering quitting using vape technology are welcome to visit us and learn about the variables in equipment, different flavors, ingredients, nicotine types and nicotine dosage.
The the wide range of hardware and liquids makes it possible to meet the needs of our customers in a very personaly specific manner. This, coupled with the expertise of our employees, sets us apart from the many stores that offer vape products via the internet or physical tobacco / convenience, night and grow shops.

Please contact us if you think you can use our help.
Thank you for reading.
Welcome in Limbo.